Replacing Metal Rating Plate with Durable Labels




The Application:

HB Sensors, experts in industrial, cryogenic, and hazardous area sensors, were looking for a durable label to replace a metal rating plate destined for hazardous environments. The requirement was for a 100m x 19mm (approx) sized label that would replace the metallic plate they were currently using, bent around the neck and riveted to a connection head on the sensor.

The label would need to feature serial numbers for product traceability, a QR code taking users to its product page, a detailed company logo, certifications of compliance, product information, regulatory safety warnings and more.  


The old metallic rating plate.


The Labelling Solution:

After receiving a detailed summary of the application requirements, we advised our RML-M4267UB high performance, durable, matt metalised polyester, featuring permanent ‘ultra bond’, ‘heavy-duty’ solvent acrylic adhesive. This flexible material is ideal for a permanent bond to a tight cylindrical surface, as required. 

This would meet spec while providing a robust, highly durable, chemical and abrasion-resistant surface, coupled with a heavy-duty, permanent acrylic adhesive, offering excellent permanency and durability. The label construction is capable of enduring temperatures up to 150°C. 


The final artwork.


The completed durable label.


With the label design approved, they enter production and are shipped on rolls containing the quantities required by the client. Our cost-effective labels provide the same if not better durability than the metal plates they are replacing and save on time and money previously spent tapping/riveting plates to products.

Durable labelling is an increasingly more popular method for providing rating plate information with wider applications. You can read another Romark case study here.

We were very pleased with the outcome of this label and so were our clients. There can be a lot to consider when choosing the right label for the job, which is why we always advise speaking with a labelling expert to get the right label for your application bespoke to your requirements. We hope this guide has helped. If you have any questions or you are ready to take your labelling to the next level, give us a call, freephone 0800 023 9277 or drop us an email. We love helping businesses reach their labelling goals. 

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