Printable Labels for Arabian Axles


Axles, Foundries and Spare Parts Factory – Arabian Axles



The Printable Labels Application:

Based in Saudi Arabia and established in 1986, Arabian Axles is a popular manufacturer of automotive parts in the Middle East, producing axles for heavy road transport vehicles and a wide range of spare parts for the automotive industry. When Arabian Axle’s approached us, we were eager to provide a bespoke solution to their labelling requirements and help them stay ahead of the competition with our durable, printable labels. 



Arabian Axles were in need of multiple labels, including a unique removable laminate. 


  • A printable, extremely durable, oil and solvent-resistant rating label that could be applied to a vehicle axle for the lifetime of the part, enduring regular cleaning and exposure to solvents. 
  • A printable, high-quality white paper ‘parts label’ for application to the shipping boxes containing Arabian Axle’s products.
  • Both labels would need to feature multiple pre-printed colours and logos (including the ‘Saudi Made’ stamp), with room for Arabian Axles to thermally transfer data to the label in-house.
  • A clear, removable, vinyl laminate was also needed to shield the face of the label when the axle was painted. These would be applied manually and peeled away afterwards.
  • Thermal transfer printers and accompanying software would also be required for in-house printing, provided by Romark, completing the package and providing a full labelling solution.


Initial artwork for axle rating label.



The Label Solution:

After we sent some samples and discussed the requirements in great detail with Arabian Axles, we would recommend the labelling material moving forward.


The AXLE LABEL would be manufactured from RoMark’s “RML-47816″, which is an 80 micron, metalised polyester featuring a high-performance, double thick ‘ultra-bond, heavy-duty’ permanent solvent acrylic adhesive, ideal for both smooth and heavily textured metal or plastic surfaces. Due to heat within the label’s environment, the material would feature a safe temperature range of -50ºC to +155ºC.


The PARTS LABEL, “RML-MSWV65″, is a matt high quality white paper with a high tack solvent acrylic adhesive. The labels design would be pre-printed and print guarded with a 20-micron clear matt, thermal transfer printable laminate. Within the label’s construction would be a clear matt polyester print guard laminate, that has the same print resistance to solvents as the base material.


The REMOVABLE LAMINATE consists of clear removable vinyl and uses a removable adhesive, mirroring the Axle Label’s shape and size. This will be applied during the painting process of the axle. Using the overhanging tab in the corner of the label, the laminate can easily be peeled away after the unit has been painted leaving the underlying label untouched. 


Axle label with test print.

Axle label.
Parts label.






















We are proud to be working with Arabian Axle’s, marking our first client based in the Middle East.  They were more than pleased with their labelling results and we are looking forward to working on more bespoke labelling as they begin to expand their product distribution. You can check out another case study here, where we cover our industrial-grade oil-resistant, metal-detectable label made for Kluber Hydraulics food-grade lubricants. 


We were extremely happy with the outcome of this label and so were our clients. There can be a lot to consider when choosing the correct label for the job, which is why we always advise speaking with one of our labelling experts to get the correct label for your application, bespoke to your requirements.


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