Mod-Strike Labels

Durable, industrial quality Mod-Strike labels for Highways England

RoMark were approached for durable industrial MOD Strike Labels by Highways England to label multiple engineering stations for motorways across the UK.

The labels need to withstand severe outdoor environments and would need to be permanently fixed to smooth or textured painted metal enclosures and to last for many years.

These types of labels are historically manufactured from aluminium but RoMark labels are robust and much more cost effective, constructed to survive in severe outside conditions, and can be applied to flat or curved surfaces. These industrial quality labels can be modded using a permanent marker pen or scratched on the surface, the adhesive is extremely aggressive, ‘heavy-duty’ and will bond to smooth or heavily textured metal and plastic surfaces like cement. These labels are pre-printed and ‘print-shielded’ with a unique abrasion, weather and chemical resistant surface coating resulting in an extremely durable label.

Romark Labels Limited, manufactures labels to highest industrial quality and durability, labels can be supplied totally pre-printed in multiple colours or partially printed for further additional variable data,  Romark supplies labels to 1000’s of companies around the globe, with no tooling or setup charges for bespoke sizes or shapes.

Mod Strike Labels 2

Mod Strike Labels