Romark supplier for Laboratories fighting Covid 19

Romark is proud to hold critical supplier status to the UK medical sector with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are providing labelling solutions for laboratories in their fight against Covid and understand the requirements for efficient laboratory labelling with stock ready to meet demand.


Our self-laminating labels are high quality, durable and perfect for Laboratory-based applications when it comes to identification and inventory management. Ideal for wrapping around cylindrical surfaces such as vials, test-tubes, beakers, straws, or pipets. Our labels can be printed with thermal transfer, inkjet, or clear laser printers and are resistant to extreme low and high temperatures.


Romark deep freeze labels
Romark deep freeze labels

Our label stock can endure temperatures as low as -80°C without risk of delamination and can be variably printed with fine batch and barcode detail captured accurately even on small vials and test-tubes.

Bespoke wrap-around labels can be supplied blank or pre-printed with any information that you need for improving the efficiency of your laboratory.

We are competitively priced to save your business costs while providing unrivalled service to multiple industries. If your lab is in need of a labelling solution, we’re here to help.