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Innovative speciality lubricants – Kluber Lubrication


A sample of Kluber Lubrication’s product range.


The Label Application:

With its headquarters in Munich, Kluber has expanded globally to offer precisely tailored speciality lubricants and know-how for every industry and application. We are delighted to be working with Kluber to provide durable labels to meet their demands.


Kluber was looking for a range of metallised, industrial-grade colour-coded labels to be applied to food-based industrial conveyor belts. The labels would need to feature multiple colours and a variety of symbols to represent the label’s application and its associated lubricant. Additionally, it would need to be oil-resistant, since lubricants would be used regularly during the maintenance of the conveyor belts where the label may come into contact with oil and lubricants. 


An example of a food based conveyor application.


Additionally, due to their environment, the labels would need to be easily detectable should they somehow accidentally contaminate food production. After exploring these requirements with Kluber, we wanted to develop a range of labels that would exceed their expectations. 


The Label Solution:

The recommended labelling material was RoMark’s RML-4295, which is a durable ‘matt’ metallic polyester, featuring a high-performance solvent acrylic ‘high-tack’ adhesive.


The labels would be printed in 2 colours with the label’s colour panel matching their respective ‘colour codes’ (8 colours in total), with graphics imprinted on the labels in black, silver or white using abrasion/chemical resistant printing inks.


The durable matt metallic polyester makes up the base of the label, providing extreme durability in the face of abrasion, oil and lubricants. The metallic nature of the label ensures it is detectable by metal detectors throughout the conveyor system while the high-tack adhesive means it won’t come off, even after contact with heavy oils and lubricants.

The blank label artwork.
The final Labels, including blank samples.



Kluber Lubrication is a powerhouse in the industrial sector and we are delighted to be providing them with bespoke, durable labels of matching calibre. You can check out another case study here, where we cover our industrial-grade Hydraulic Valve labels made for Eaton (Danfoss Power). 


We were extremely happy with the outcome of this label and so were our clients. There can be a lot to consider when choosing the correct label for the job, which is why we always advise speaking with one of our labelling experts to get the correct label for your application, bespoke to your requirements.


If you have any questions or you are ready to take your labelling to the next level, give us a call, freephone 0800 023 9277 or drop us an email at: info@romark-labels.com

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