Notice: We are still operating and serving businesses with high-quality durable labels throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. ROMARK IS PROUD TO HOLD CRITICAL SUPPLIER STATUS TO THE UK MEDICAL SECTOR.




Industrial and laboratory label specialists Romark Labels

RoMark Labels Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company manufacturing and supplying durable, high performance, printable industrial labels to all industry sectors. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, durable labels available on the market at very cost-effective prices. We are proactive in providing a cost-effective labelling solution saving our customers time and money for well-engineered labels. You tell us what you need in a label and we’ll recommend or design it to suit your application.

From security labels and laboratory labels to work-in-progress and rating plate labels, we can help you choose the right label and help you automate your label application.

Kluber Lubrication Case Study

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Kluber Lubrication Case Study

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Romark’s Industrial Labels for Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector requires clear and concise durable labels, due to heavy use, and everyday wear and tear. Industrial labels must be tough, durable, and able to withstand excessive abrasion, severe weathering, temperature extremes, heat and chemical damage. Some of these industrial labels are legal requirements, to clearly communicate voltages, model number, serial number and typical rating information – which depends on the manufactured equipment that the label is required for.

Our industrial labels are typically used in manufacturing, automotive and automated industries. We match your label requirements to the appropriate materials and adhesives, to ensure they are fixed well in place. We can increase your marketing reach, and ensure you meet manufacturing safety standards with specific corporate logo branding and colours.

Our labels are about as robust as they come; the unique surface coatings provide superior durability to the pre-printed and variable printed data. They can be finished in gloss, satin or matt, with many other forms like domed, scratch-resistant and finely textured finishes, providing a clear view of the printing. We can provide industrial labels fully printed, partially printed or blank for laser, thermal transfer or ink-jet printers. We can provide video tutorials on labelling software and loading labels/ribbons into printers.

From security labels and laboratory labels to rating plate labels, we can help you choose the right label and help you automate your label application.

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    Romark Label Materials

    • We use the widest range of durable, labelling substrates to produce our high-performance computer printable labels. Our industrial quality printable labels are ideal for printing your own durable variable data for industrial, automotive, electronic and laboratory applications ‘in-house’ and ‘on-demand’.
    • Our durable materials are used in some of the harshest of environments to last in some of the most hazardous of conditions, where a traditional metal plate may have been used, our labels have proven to be a suitable and more cost-effective alternative.
    • Our metalised polyester labels look metallic and provide the highest resistance to abrasion, chemicals, oils, aggressive solvents and temperature extremes. They feature aggressive ‘ultra-bond’, ‘heavy-duty’ permanent solvent acrylic adhesives, which are cement-like to ensure the labels stay bonded to smooth or heavily textured surfaces.  These labels are exceptionally durable and are produced to last for as long as the product they are attached to.


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