RoMark Ltd - PE Techsheet

RoMark supplies the widest range of high specification, security labels to the global manufacturing market. One such label material is the PE tamper evident material. This low cost high adhesion material clearly shows that the label has been lifted and it cannot be reapplied. Ideal for anti-tamper packaging seals.

  • Excellent adhesion to smooth or rough cardboard.
  • Good durability against abrasion, rubbing, handling.
  • Printable using thermal transfer and laser printers.
Rating, Name & Data Plates Mod Strike Asset ID, Serial ID & Batch ID
Calibration Atex Cable / Wire & Hose / Pipe ID
Security Barcode Warning / Hazard Safety
Clinical trials & Sample ID Autoclave Compliance
Component / PCB Handwritten    
Removable / repositionable Permanent Void pattern (tamper evident)
Chequerboard pattern (tamper evident) PE Aqueous
Water soluble Ultra bond High tack
Low temperature High temperature    
Label materials     
Polyester Vinyl Polyimide
Polycarbonate Paper PVC
Polypropylene Polyolefin Polyethylene
Abrasion Solvents & chemicals Oils & grease
UV Weathering Temperature extremes
Thermal transfer Laser Inkjet
EnLabel NiceLabel    

* Technical data is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon for designs and specifications, or be relied on as meeting specified performance criteria. As with all pressure-sensitive materials, this product should be tested thoroughly under end-use conditions to make sure it meets the requirements of the specific application.