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NQA ISO 9001:2008
RoMark is an NQA ISO 9001:2008 accredited company. In conjunction with our certification, we maintain a very high standard of Quality, Service and Delivery, which are covered in our documented QMS policy.

All our staff have strict compliance procedures that they must adhere to, giving RoMark an excellent level of attainment with all our finished products
NEW! Durable Flame Retardant, self-extinguishing material supplied to a globally renown aircraft refitting company.
The requirement was for a durable label, which was resistant to abrasion, water, oils and chemicals, to survive the industry burn test and to feature an aggressive adhesive which would bond to a variety of surfaces. This material performed extremely well in all tests and is now in use worldwide.
Printable label ties
NEW! Thick polyester tag material for increased durability and temperature resistance compared to PVC and PE tags. Easy to handle and apply. Stands rigid for convenient bar code scanning.

Suitable for labelling of very difficult surfaces such as wet wood, wet concrete, animals and garden plants.

Cables, hoses, metal rods and generally surfaces impossible to stick a label to.

Print receptive matt top coat for durable thermal transfer and graphic ink printing.
Quality & Precision
RoMark manufacture labels to the tightest tolerances to ensure label sizes and formats remain forever constant. Our manufacturing processes are uniquely monitored to ensure the labels are to the specifications originally approved.

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